Looking at Velazquez

Mariana of Austria

There are artists that command life-long love and respect, Velazquez has mine. Economy of stroke evolved to a dazzling depth of expression in his hands. Each mark encompassed form, function, expression, narrative, psychology, time, and place. No replication, no waste, no sentimentality. Everything we know now about fractals and holograms can be seen in the most minute passage of his painting. (Have a look at the lace collar in his portrait of Jaun de Pareja at the Met, NY).

In 2003 I had the first opportunity to visit the Velazquez pictures in Madrid’s Prado Museum, and made these drawings.

The oil study of Philip IV was one of a few I have attempted over the years. Velazquez made dozens.

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  1. costanza says:

    Since you exhibited in Cambridge, Massachusetts, shaking the tree, in 1996, I have admired a piece, luminata celbrant II, on a brochure exhibted on my bookshelf. I finally found your webpage and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy thisw work, and then found the looking at velazquez series, as well as your big folding screens exhibit. I would love to see your work again.

    are you in ireland or us no?

  2. “…There midnight’s all a-glimmer/ And noon a purple glow/ and evening full of the linnet’s wings…”

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