For Peace

The Anniversary of Colouring Outside The Lines

posted 22.05.2009 Painting with my son, 2002, Gabriel Knecht (7 yrs.) and L. Vandegrift Davala Harry Chapin recorded “Flowers are Red” on August 19, 1980. Eleven months later, he was dead. His heart wrenching and poignant song beautifully captures our individual and collective struggle about our creative needs and worth, and the way we pass […]

Science and Non-duality

posted 14.09.2009 Dr. Stuart Hameroff Photo credit: Google images I’ve been a fan of Stuart Hameroff’s work at the University of Arizona (his comment about quantum science looking a lot like Zen, got my attention). An MD, he began his quantum scientific explorations through the field of anesthesia. His website is always packed with brilliant […]

Hope and Pandora’s Box

posted 17.09.2010 Photo: SLIGLOW Darren Carr I had ample time to sample during this year – nature dictated, and I had no choice but to listen. It was time to investigate new avenues of medicine and art. Just as we finished SLIGLOW, the beautiful collaborative light installation with 800-1000 people in the northwest of Ireland, […]

“…for peace comes dropping slow…”

Lightwriters at Carrane Hill, Sligo, Ireland. Photo credit: Darren Carr Word-images have become a contemporary mainstream art form. Serious street graffiti is said to have had its birth in my own home town of Philadelphia in the 1960’s and 70’s. I’ve lived in Ireland for more than 20 years. During most of this time I’ve […]

“…For Peace Comes Dropping Slow…” film

"...For Peace Comes Dropping Slow..." film

We broke new ground technically with this film. “…For Peace…” is the first film in which light writing was captured in a moving film lens rather than solely by a still camera or “painted on” in post production. None of the gorgeous moving effects were added later, and almost all were captured via the RED […]



Posted: 08.03.2009 Everything about the environment was intimate and easy, yet sacred and real. The parishioners roamed around the open sanctuary, negotiating confessions and penance with priests out in the open, each animated and bargaining. Above us, members of the choir arrived in their own time, as if responding to a casting call from heaven, […]