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“…For Peace…” film

"...For Peace..." film

July, 2011 Film Still, Parke’s Castle: Cian de Buitléar D.O.P. Arrived in the US with an Official Selection for our US premiere of “…for peace…” on the 16th of July at the Stephen J. Buck Theatre,  for the New Hope International Film Festival. The film received a really warm reception, and the Nomination for Best […]

SLIGLOW² Culture Night

SLIGLOW² Culture Night

September 24, 2010 Just as the film “…for peace comes dropping slow…” was finishing post production, Culture Night Ireland 2010 was ready to launch. Regardless of our post film exhaustion, it was hard to say no to the idea of a new SLIGLOW light installation. We had had a great experience with last year’s  massive […]